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Samsung S9 Major Issues

12 June, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

Samsung Galaxy s9 is a flagship phone having many outstanding features. Its body is made up of Aluminum with Gorilla Glass front and back. Although it is a good smartphone at the same time, it appeared with many problems that are complained about by users with the passage of time. Mobile Campus objective is to help you out in selecting the best phone for you. We are sharing some Samsung s9 major issues, go through it, and enhance your knowledge about s9 bugs and faults.

Samsung s9 battery issue:

  • Slow charging:

Some of the users complained about slow charging issues. There is a possibility that “Fast Charging” is unable on your smartphone. For the quick fix, just enable the fast charging function on your smartphone.

  • Fast battery discharge:

When the remaining battery reaches 30%, battery discharge becomes fast. Sometimes, it can happen due to a third-party authorized app. To avoid this problem, restart your smartphone, clear caches, and reboot the system. Do ever use official charging cables and adapters to charge the smartphone.

Samsung s9 brightness problem:

 Some Samsung users complain that when they unlock their phone in the dark, their smartphone battery becomes very low or dimmer. And it looks like auto brightness and night mode is not working. Few of the users also complain about displaying a yellow tint on the screen. Sometimes dead zones appear on the screen that makes the screen unresponsive.

Samsung s9 connectivity problem:

  • Wi-Fi issue:

 Many Samsung s9 users have reported Wi-Fi connectivity problems. It rises in the form of a sudden signal drop and the network disappears. The exact fixing of this issue is not to find out yet but you can try such tips to resolve the issue:

o   Restart the router

o   Reset the router

o   Re-enter Wi-Fi credentials

  • Bluetooth issue:

 Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth connectivity is reported commonly.

Samsung s9 speaker problem:

 Samsung s9 can be used in a wet environment. But sometimes when the speaker gets wet, it shows audio issues in the speaker. And it happens due to the water which entered into the speaker covering termed as a waterproof film. This speaker covering is made to keep the water away from the speaker. If the speaker’s waterproof film got wet, let it dry for some time. Audio problems will be resolved.

Samsung s9 resolution & screen scaling problem:

Samsung s9 has QHD+ display, which is very sharp. Hence it drains the battery fast too. Samsung provides another FHD+ resolution to decrease battery consumption, but it appears with screen scaling problems. The scaling problem can be resolved by the following steps:

o   Go to settings

o   Tap on display

o   Select screen resolution

o   Select QHD+ option to resolve scaling.

Samsung S9 calls problem:

Some of the users have reported such a frustrating issue like automatic call rejection with reject call message “sorry, can’t talk right now. Call back later”. The people who use paid or limited text message packages complain. To avoid this problem, it is to be advised to turn off the quick replies on your smartphone.

Samsung s9 software update problem:        

Android device software usually updates automatically, but if it does not update, it might be due to the internet connectivity problem, storage problem, battery issue. Similarly, some users reported that their smartphone software is not updating. Mobile campus also provides software services, you can come to resolve the issues either update issues or corrupted software. Our experts will check it and resolve the software issue so that you can utilize your mobile phone.