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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Australia

12 June, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The screen size for the Galaxy S20 Ultra is 6.9 inches in the full rectangle and 6.7 inches with rounded corners. The actual viewable area is smaller due to the rounded corners and the camera hole. Other key features are:

Front Camera: 40 MP

Rear camera: Quad camera

  • 108MP (Wide)
  • 48MP (Telephoto)
  • 12MP (Ultra Wide)
  • VGA DepthVision Camera

Zoom: 100x

Battery: 5000 mAh

Connection: 5G enabled

Storage: 128GB

Resistivity: IP68

Galaxy S20 Ultra supports a wireless charger. The wireless charger stand allows the mobile to recharge stand-alone or watch videos or browsing some data while it is charging. With the help of the wireless charger Duo, you can charge two devices at the same time, like two mobiles at the same time or your mobile and Galaxy watch. The wireless charging standard 2.0 enables fast recharge by delivering 100W. A fairly smart feature that helps the Galaxy S20 to wirelessly recharge other gadgets is Wireless Power Share. This feature is intended to use with Galaxy Buds and the Galaxy Watch Active, but you can potentially charge other phones. Mobile Campus is telling you the procedure of how to use Power share to recharge two gadgets at a time.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the device to bring the notification panel down.
  2. To show all the easy toggles, swipe down once more.
  3. Pick PowerShare Wireless.
  4. With Wireless PowerShare, place another device on the back of your S20 to charge it wirelessly.

Wireless Charging supports on Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and many other Galaxy mobiles.

An easy and hands-free way to enjoy your music, chat with your friends, and even perform basic tasks on your phone is Samsung wireless earbuds. Galaxy Buds+ can be conveniently connected through Bluetooth to your Galaxy smartphone, giving you hands-free independence without having to go through any tricky setup.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is secured by Knox. It is an industry-leading mobile security platform that safeguards the device from the chip level down to the app level and is the most stable device Samsung has ever made. The Galaxy S20 also features a modern, protected processor that defends against hardware-based attacks.

Which Samsung S20 has the best camera?

The Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra both have radically different quad-camera setups. Its primary camera brings a huge difference in resolution from 12 MP up to 108 MP. The S20 Ultra also comprises the DepthVision Camera and uses the same Ultra-Wide camera as the lesser models but comes with significantly upgraded wide-angle and zoom options. With 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, it’s even able to zoom deeper than any other smartphone.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra waterproof?

According to the Ingress Protection rating system, Samsung Galaxy S20 has a dust protection level of 6, while the water resistivity level is five feet up to 30 minutes in water. Take some precautions if your device gets damaged.

  • In the case of water impact, Promptly clean your device with cotton.
  • Do not use your device at high waves like a waterfall.

Why is the S20 ultra so expensive?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at 1400$, which is the highest price for a smartphone. Galaxy S20 has a wider screen and a bigger battery than Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 Plus. Galaxy S20 price is 1000$, while Galaxy S20 Plus price is 1200$. The Galaxy S20 Ultra’s most prominent distinction is its cameras. For more accurate shots in any lighting situation, it comes with a tremendous 108 MP sensor. Even the selfie camera hits an enormous 40 megapixels.

What is in the box of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra?

The color and storage specifications may vary by each model. These items include in the box of Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Smartphone
  • Data Cable
  • USB power adaptor
  • Ejection Pin

Where to get a repair for damaged Galaxy S20 Ultra?

For any Galaxy S20 defect like Galaxy S20 screen crackGalaxy S20 battery issueGalaxy S20 charging problemGalaxy S20 camera malfunction, or software malware, you can visit Mobile Campus. The technicians have years of experience and are skillful – they will offer you satisfied and quality repairs. If you get any replacement part fixed, it will be backed up with a 90 days warranty.