Samsung Note Series Repair & Screen Replacement Sydney
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Samsung Note Series Repair & Screen Replacement Sydney

The Galaxy Note Series Mobile is a flagship device among Samsung’s top-of-the-line. It usually comes with the same processor options that the S-Series come with, but it usually comes with a larger display than the S-Series. All Note series come with the S-Pen. Samsung has developed a series of highly functional smartphones and tablets known as the Galaxy Note Series. These devices have large screens and stylus input capabilities. Due to its split-screen multitasking feature, it is perfect for those who are always on the go.

Galaxy Notes are high-end Android smartphones developed and marketed by Samsung. There is a stylus pen and pressure-sensitive Wacom digitizer on all Samsung Galaxy Note models. Furthermore, all Galaxy Note models come with software features that take advantage of the stylus and the large screens, including note-taking, digital scrapbooking, tooltips, and split-screen multitasking. Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones is its flagship model.

Samsung announced the original Galaxy Note at IFA Berlin in 2011. The 5.3-inch Note’s screen was not the only thing some media outlets praised: the stylus, the dual-core processor, and the large screen. The Galaxy S3 features an eight-megapixel camera and Full HD, 1080p video recording, compared to the Galaxy S2 from earlier that year. Samsung announced in December 2011 that 1 million Galaxy Note units had been sold in two months after its October 2011 release. Samsung’s Note sold more than 10 million units worldwide as of August 2012. The LTE version of the Note was introduced in February 2012.

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