The Most Innovative Things Happening with iPhone X
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The Most Innovative Things Happening with iPhone X

4 July, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

The Pros


It’s a 5.8-inch screen which is bigger than the iPhone 7’s 5.5 inches and smaller than the iPhone 7, plus a 6.23-inch screen. It can easily fit in your pocket. You can easily carry it everywhere.

Easy to Use

Due to the back glass, the iPhone X is very heavy. It is the first time an iPhone has used a whole-screen display & Apple has removed the home button screen, which is generally found on the bottom of the phone. By using the entire screen, the overall look of the iPhone X becomes more premium. One drawback of using the iPhone X is that it attracts fingerprints rapidly- you would possibly use a case for it. Using the iPhone X one-handed is less complicated than the iPhone 8 plus, which is more expensive.

Front of the Apple iPhone X

Another advanced technology that Apple uses for iPhone X is face recognition technology, which unlocks your phone instantly. You can set up this application when you first remove the old way of unlocking the phone, like fingerprint lock. If you use this app, you can swipe up to unlock the phone- but if you want to access your camera only, you can do it without face recognition.

The most significant change that Apple has ever made to iPhone X is the new Portrait Mode Features. Along with the camera window, the shooting mode is a photo. There are different shooting modes- left for slow-mo. & time-lapse, suitable for Portrait mode and Panorama.

Front of the iPhone X/Image Displayed

There are some icons on the top of the screen, including:

  • Flash icon
  • Live Photos icon
  • The self-timer icon

But there is one thing that is missing, which is the HDR option. To activate this option, you must go to the main settings & switch “HDR Auto” off. Now, you’re able to switch on & off HDR in the native camera app. There is another newest thing which is the zoom button. This is represented by a “1x” in a circle- tap it to switch to a “2x” angle- which allows you to switch between the wide-angle lens and sensor, a telephoto lens and sensor.

Front of the iPhone X/Camera App

You can change the focus point by tapping the screen- if you want a snap with a high-contrast scene, you’ve to wipe around the screen until you get the best results. Here is another icon that appears in the sun; by using this icon, you can control the brightness. At the bottom, an icon is used to switch to the front camera.

The rear of the Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X has added some new “lighting” for the portrait mode. These are:

  • Natural light
  • Studio light
  • Contour light
  • Stage light

You can use all these lights in portrait mode. You can use this lighting in portrait mode but not in a traditional manner. The front and rear cameras have this lighting feature, so you can use them anywhere. This model differs from the iPhone X from iPhone 8 plus, which don’t have a face recognition app and portrait mode. Using this portrait mode, one can take an image with a shallow depth of field effect.

Apple iPhone X in Hand

There is a new format in iPhone X: HEIC format. iPhone X shoots in this format. This format is not taking up much space as JPEG and is used to maximize the quality of the image. The iPhone X has less memory, so it is worth taking pictures in HEIC format. There is the latest operating system in iPhone X, High Sierra. If you send files through WhatsApp, it can easily convert the HEIC files to JPEG files.

There is another thing that has to be changed is the format of your videos. You’ll need high efficiency to shoot the videos at 4K up to 60fps. Otherwise, you have to shoot at 4K up to 30fps. You can also shoot a video in full HD.

Image Quality

The images are taken in this setting with a 12-megapixel JPEG setting & the image size will be 6 MB. The lens in iPhone X: wide-angle and telephoto lenses show sparkling colors. The cameras can manage with low light, but if the light is very low, there would be a loss of detail. If there are artificial lights, the white color can manage effectively to provide close to accurate colors.

While taking photos of humans and animals, portrait mode shows excellent results. Different lighting effects can be of great use; natural light will be good, stage light is a fun effect, and could be appreciated by studio light. 

Battery & Processor

The processor works competently for games and other applications and gives a shining experience for everyday internet use & browsing social media.

The battery of the iPhone X lasts up to 60 hours with playback audio and 13 hours with playback video.


Apple has constantly been eager to push its photographic abilities; of course, the iPhone x is no different. The iPhone X’s brand-new face recognition design is a good choice. It, in reality, gives the best picture quality of any iPhone up to date, with some key improvements made, especially to the second (telephoto) lens.

Portrait mode is usually used for actual portraits, except for creating shallow depth of field effects. Overall, the iPhone X camera is one of the best cameras on the market. For the 256GB version, the cost is 1149$.

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