Should I repair my old phone or buy a new one?
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Should I repair my old phone or buy a new one?

12 June, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

Old things do not mean they become useless and lose their dignity. These old phones were the best feature phones of their time. So if they damage or broke, you can repair them at less cost and time. Most people save their data on smartphones if they repair their old phones. It will be pleasant for them to get their old nostalgic data. Mobile campus technicians are good and proficient in repairing services. You can get your old devices fixed by visiting them at the shop.

Price effect:

New branded phones demand a huge amount to purchase. A common man is always trying to save money. If the old phone is smashed or broken, you can fix it, just by visiting a repair shop. It will save you extra money.

Environment friendly:

 When the new featured devices are launched, people want to trash out the old devices in the urge for new ones. This trash is hazardous for the environment. When you repair old smartphones, this trash does not happen to you at least. And you can live in a healthy environment that is neat and clean.

Time saving:

When you urge to buy a new latest featured smartphone, you have to search for its technology and latest features as compared to your needs and demands. This research is a time consuming process. On the other hand, if you repair your old phone and compromise with it. You are done not only in saving your money but also save you time.

Comfortability with old phone:

Some people spend their lives in a typical manner. They love their old things and never want to lose them. These love birds prefer to repair their smartphone over buying a new featured phone. They feel comfortable with old devices as they get familiar with its usage. And they mostly have so much nostalgia for special things.

Screen repair is better choice:

If the broken or damaged phone needs only screen repair then it is easy for you to replace the screen. It will save you money and time. If you repair your mobile phone screen instead of selling or throwing it for the sake of a new smartphone then an old smartphone can spend more time with you as a good companion.  

Free from the fear of loss:

 Nowadays, kids are using smartphones as they age. They are careless and don’t know the importance of money and time. There is more possibility of dropping the phone from their hands while they are using it. If you allow them to access your old phone, you will not have to worry about its damage or loss. Moreover, you should guide your children about devices, their benefits and how to use them with great affection and care. You must tell them about the advantages and disadvantages of the smartphone too. Careless can harm your children physically like battery explosion of a phone. Excessive mobile usage is also not useful to be a successful person in your life.

       “A smartphone is an addictive device which traps a soul into a lifeless

planet full of lives”


As per all the above discussion, old phones are preferable to repair. Repairing is cheaper than buying a new phone. The price effect can never be denied. New phones are more costly than repairing old ones. If everybody is willing to buy new phones, we will have to trash out the old ones. So, the trash is not environmentally friendly. When we repair old phones, it saves them money that we can use for any other important purpose. While we have been using a device for a long time, we become familiar with its software and features. The changing of devices takes time to purchase and in getting familiarity. When you want to buy a new device, you have to do mindful research about its features, technology, reliability, etc. Fixing an old phone does not need any research, you just have to go to the Mobile campus repair center and repair the device in a short time. If your phone screen is broken or smashed, it is better to repair it. It will not take too much time to repair. It is also money saving. Nowadays, children are used to playing games on phones and tablets. If you give them your old phone. You should not have to worry regarding old phone damage or loss.