Samsung Note 8: What’s the Best Upgrade for You?
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Samsung Note 8: What’s the Best Upgrade for You?

1 July, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

If you recently got yourself the best phone money can buy – the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – then you’re probably already thinking about the next big upgrade. If so, we’ve got some good news for you. We just reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and we can confirm that it’s an even better upgrade than the last Note 7 was! But before you sell your Note 7, there are a few things you should know about this device.

Box contents

Samsung Galaxy Note8 smartphone in Midnight Black color

  • 2-pin charger with Adaptive Fast Charging (5V-2A/9V-1.67A)
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable
  • In-ear earphones tuned by AKG
  • USB Type-C to USB Type-A adapter
  • SIM ejector tool
  • USB Type-C to Micro USB adapter
  • S Pen tips
  • Clear protective case
  • Quick start guides and warranty information

Upgrading Hardware

Upgrading your hardware can have a big impact on your mobile experience. One of the best things about modern smartphones is their ability to keep getting better and faster with small upgrades. So, if you’re looking for an upgrade in speed or functionality but don’t want to spend much, a new smartphone could be all you need. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been released in 2017, and it is already gaining popularity due to its improved camera quality.

Upgrading Software

When it comes to deciding whether or not you should upgrade your current smartphone, a lot of it depends on how long you’ve had your device. If it’s an older model, an upgrade might be worth looking into. But if you’re running a newer flagship, consider holding off—you may just have access to enough new features in a software update. Before spending hundreds of dollars on an updated phone, ask yourself these questions: Does my device still perform well? Am I able to download apps and games easily? Is the camera and battery life up-to-date? Am I happy with the screen size and quality?

Upgrading Camera

The Galaxy Note7 has one of the best smartphone cameras around, and if you’re considering an upgrade from that device, your photos will get even better with a Samsung Note 8. Not only does it improve on some key features, such as video stabilization, low-light sensitivity, and wide aperture mode (which lets you blur out background details in portraits), but you can also now record videos in super slow motion up to 960 frames per second. If you love taking selfies, there are more ways than ever to take a good picture thanks to the Galaxy Note S8 dual selfie camera system that includes both a standard and wide-angle lens. On top of all this, the new phones feature face recognition technology so you don’t have to input a password every time you want access to your phone.

S Pen

It also has an improved S Pen stylus with a finer 0.7mm tip and improved pressure sensitivity with a pressure level of 4096. It also comes with a different set of tips so you can change them for drawing, writing, and other tasks. Even the S Pen is water and dust-resistant.

It now lets you share animated texts or drawings across platforms that support animated GIFs. It also has an improved S Pen Translate feature that lets you hover over text to quickly translate entire sentences in up to 71 languages, and instantly convert units and foreign currencies.

You can use the Screen-off Memo function to take out the S Pen and start scribbling on the screen. If you need the note to be visible like a sticky note, you can pin it to your Always on Display screen.

Upgrading Battery Life

The biggest difference between these two Samsung phones is their batteries. Note 8 has a 3,500mAh battery; as you might expect from a phone with such large bezels, that’s pretty small by today’s standards. On paper, you’d think it would mean a shorter battery life—but we found it lasted just as long as my Google Pixel 2 XL and other top performers. So, if you’re looking for more battery life, you may want to consider upgrading your Galaxy Note 7 or wait until next year when we get new flagships from both Apple and Samsung.

Upgrading Overall

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a huge step up from previous models like the Galaxy Note 7 in terms of processor, camera, and overall performance. If you’re coming from an older version of Android, there are a lot of features you’ll be excited about! The fingerprint scanner placement has been moved to a more convenient location on the back and overall responsiveness has been upgraded. It’s also easier than ever to scan your face if you want facial recognition security. With all these upgrades, though, comes a higher price tag that may not suit everyone.

Fixing your cracked phone screen is usually worth it

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