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iPhone 12 Mini Review

1 July, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

Let’s talk about what you like about it so that you’ll have something positive to say about it when you’re asked by your friends and family about your experience with it.if you are looking to buy this.This article is also helpful for you.

iPhone 12 mini overview

Although small in stature, iPhone 12 mini packs a punch with its 7-inch 1080p HD display. Not to mention it comes equipped with an A9 chip which makes multitasking a breeze and its 2GB of RAM ensures that your apps run fast and smoothly. The phone’s OS is updated to iOS 8 so you have access to all your favorite apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more! The phone also has 16 GB of internal storage so if you find yourself running out of space, don’t worry because there is also a microSD card slot for up to 128 GB more storage! This means you can store thousands of songs or hundreds of movies on your phone without worrying about running out of space. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also two cameras on iPhone 12 mini: one front facing camera for selfies and video chatting with friends and family and one rear facing camera for taking pictures or recording videos!

Back panel/Camera design

iPhone 12 mini is coming with a double camera setup, which means its back panel will have two lenses. There are already three companies that have introduced a new phone with double cameras — Xiaomi Mi 6, OPPO R11 and OnePlus 5 — in addition to Google’s Pixel 2. We can expect Apple to continue including dual rear cameras on most of its high-end phones. It could also opt for a vertical arrangement instead of horizontal as seen on all other smartphones so far. However, iPhone fans would want Apple to stick with horizontal positioning because it makes shooting images easier. The secondary camera will be used for taking portrait shots, among other things. Portrait mode has been one of iPhone’s key features since last year when it was launched along with iPhone 12 mini. The feature uses software algorithms and hardware smarts to create images with artificial bokeh effect (blurred background). This helps you stand out from the crowd because very few Android phones offer similar functionality as yet. But there’s no denying that rivals like Samsung and Huawei are catching up fast and offering better value for money than iPhones these days.

Front camera

Bigger isn’t always better. iPhone 12 mini is a great example of why it’s important to be wary of increasing a phone’s pixel count: The iPhone 12 mini has two cameras, one on each side of its rear camera array. This gives you a cool bokeh effect when taking selfies, but it also means that its front-facing camera is limited to 2 megapixels. That doesn’t sound like much, but in reality, it results in very poor low-light performance and grainy images overall. It can even make your face look pixelated in well-lit environments! With iPhone 12 mini, Apple fixed all of these issues by adding an additional camera with an 8MP sensor (up from 5MP) and boosting its front flash for sharper selfies no matter what time of day you take them. The result? Amazingly clear photos with natural color reproduction and far less noise than before—even in low light!

Fingerprint Scanner

The iphone12 mini has a fingerprint scanner for quick and easy access to a user’s phone, regardless of password or other login information. It also incorporates FaceID, a facial recognition system for easy unlocking. Both are features that people have been requesting on smartphones for years, so it’s nice to see them here. The fingerprint scanner is located on its backside, as opposed to previous models where it was found on its front side. This placement makes it easier to use with one hand (like when you’re using your phone while driving), but requires users to learn how to use their thumb in a new way. The technology behind FaceID seems promising, but there will be some adjustment time as people get used to having their face scanned every time they want into their phones. There are some concerns about security with these types of systems (how can you tell if someone else is using your face?) but Apple says that its tech will only work with live faces and won’t work if someone takes a picture of yours. We’ll have to wait until more people get their hands on these devices before we know how well they work in real life situations, though early reviews seem positive about both technologies.

Charger and Headphones Ports

The 3.5mm headphone jack and Lightning port are still in place, with one of each placed on either side of the iPhone XS Max. To charge it, you’ll need to plug it into a wall—there’s no wireless charging support. For wired headphones or accessories, you can use both ports—simultaneously! The Lightning port is still used for charging and transferring data. The stereo jack acts as a secondary channel for connecting wired headsets that don’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

Speakers and Calling Sound Quality

The one gripe you might have about your iPhone 12 mini is its speakers, which can be tinny. The iPhone 12 mini boasts a pair of stereo speakers that are 50 percent louder than those on previous models—and an earpiece that acts as a second speaker for louder call quality. We’ll need to test it out in real-world conditions to see if it’s noticeably better, but we like what we hear so far.

Battery Life

This tiny phone has some real battery life challenges. The 5-hour talk time is much better than an iPhone XS but not by as much as you’d think given how much smaller it is. One odd thing we noticed when comparing it to our iPhone XS was that if we didn’t charge up to 100% each night, it would get down to about 85% by morning (maybe less). And that happened even with Airplane Mode on. This would be a deal breaker for us. We don’t want to worry about keeping it charged throughout the day or having to bring multiple chargers. We want a phone that lasts all day and then charges overnight so we can wake up and start using it again without worry. Even though Apple says its smart charging will take care of these issues, in our experience it doesn’t work well enough. If you have any sort of job where your device is your lifeline, then you should look elsewhere before buying an iPhone 12 mini.

After using it for only 3 weeks, it is obvious that this phone is just not right for You. There are several issues that you’ve found with the iPhone 12 mini and we don’t think Apple has done its users any favors by releasing such an inferior device.