iPad Pro 11 Screen Repair Sydney (Same Day Fix)
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iPad Pro 11 Repair & Screen Replacement

Fix Your iPad Pro 11 Same Day

Mobile Campus in Sydney can repair all kinds of damaged parts, including iPad Pro 11-inch screen repair, broken button fixes, and all sorts of other iPad solutions for Apple tablets every day, and we usually complete our repairs within just an hour. We’ll get you back to taking selfies and surfing the web in no time at all if you schedule an iPad repair in Sydney today.

iPad Pro 11 Screen Replacement

iPad Pro 11 is 11.0 inches with 1668 x 2388 pixels. It has scratch-resistant glass and octa-core 2.26 GHz. Internal memory is 128GB, 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, 512GB 8GB RAM, 1TB 16GB RAM, 2TB 16GB RAM. The rear camera of the iPad is 12 MP, while the front camera is 12 MP. The battery is Li-Ion 7538 mAh, non-removable with 18W.

3 Month Warranty

Screen Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

3 Month Warranty

Battery Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

3 Month Warranty

Charging Port Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

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Deb Hamwood

Excellent, fast service. Reasonably priced and professional. Highly recommended.

Alexandra Jade

Fantastic service! I have been to this shop many times and every time the owner has gone above and beyond.

Mark Briffa

Fast and friendly. Put a screen protector on my brand new phone in seconds. I have had it done on other phones before. This guy was slick!


The help and service was incredible. I highly recommend it for any help with iPhone 12 housing and covers.

Jawad Arshad

Very good quality and cheap prices. Customer satisfaction is good. Mobile repair is cheap and with warranty as well.

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Very happy customer! Fixed my kid’s iPhone 7 Plus screen swiftly. Good service


Most Common iPad Pro 11 Repairs Services

iPad Pro 11 screen repair

If dropped at an angle, iPad backplates bend or flatten. We reshape corners with every iPad Pro 11 screen repair in Sydney. Come to Mobile Campus in Sydney for iPad Pro 11 screen replacement.

iPad Pro 11 water damage repair

As soon as the water gets inside your iPad, the functionality will be ruined and will only get worse. We can reduce the damage by providing you with good quality repair services. Visit us for iPad Pro 11 water damage repair immediately.

iPad Pro 11 battery replacement

It is possible for batteries to swell and rupture, which can be disastrous for your device and dangerous for you and your family. It is important not to have the interior battery chemicals leak into your iPad. So, get your iPad Pro 11 battery replacement immediately.

iPad Pro 11 back glass replacement

A broken screen glass should be repaired immediately because the use or a sudden bump can damage the LCD underneath if the glass is not fixed fast enough. Our experts are readily available for the iPad Pro 11 back glass replacement.

iPad Pro 11 charging port issues

If your iPad Pro fails to charge to 100%, does not charge while plugged in, or charges slowly, then charging it is pointless. If you need a quality iPad Pro 11 charging port replacement in Sydney, we can repair iPad Pro 11 charging port issues with the best services provided by our experts.

iPad Pro 11 motherboard repairs

It takes years of experience, quality parts, and professional tools to successfully fix the iPad Pro 11. The motherboard repair on the iPad Pro 11 is complicated, even if it is not impossible. If you visit Mobile Campus, you can troubleshoot your issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I need to repair my device?

    We offer a free diagnostic test to anyone who brings their iPad to use for the repair services. We will tell you about the extent of damage to your device, how we're going to fix it, and how much it will cost.

  • Will you provide a warranty with the repair?

    Yes. There is a 3 months warranty on most iPad screen repairs with us. Get your iPads repaired with us now.