iPad Pro 10.5 Screen Replacement Sydney (Quick Fix)

iPad Pro 10.5 Repair Service Sydney

Fix Your iPad Pro 10.5 Same Day

iPads have everything you need to do your job efficiently but don’t include the tools you need to repair the water damage or other repairs. The Mobile Campus technicians are dedicated to providing the best possible iPad repairs for our customers. iPad Pro 10.5 has a 10.5 inches screen with a resolution of 1668 x 2224 pixels. It has scratch-resistant glass and oleophobic coating with a Hexa-core 2.38 GHz. It has the internal memory of 64GB 4GB RAM, 256GB 4GB RAM and 512GB 4GB RAM. Main camera is 12 MP and the selfie camera is 7 MP. The battery is Li-Ion 8134 mAh, non-removable with a talk time of up to 10 hours.

Available Services

3 Month Warranty

Screen Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

3 Month Warranty

Battery Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

3 Month Warranty

Charging Port Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

45 Minutes

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Deb Hamwood

Excellent, fast service. Reasonably priced and professional. Highly recommended.

Alexandra Jade

Fantastic service! I have been to this shop many times and every time the owner has gone above and beyond.

Mark Briffa

Fast and friendly. Put a screen protector on my brand new phone in seconds. I have had it done on other phones before. This guy was slick!


The help and service was incredible. I highly recommend it for any help with iPhone 12 housing and covers.

Jawad Arshad

Very good quality and cheap prices. Customer satisfaction is good. Mobile repair is cheap and with warranty as well.

Ornella D

Very happy customer! Fixed my kid’s iPhone 7 Plus screen swiftly. Good service


Most Common iPad 10.5 Repairs Services in Sydney

iPad Pro 10.5 screen repair

Dropping an iPad at an angle can bend the backplate or flatten it. Every screen repair involves reshaping the corners. Get your iPad Pro 10.5 screen repair at Mobile Campus in Sydney.

iPad Pro 10.5 water damage repair

Your iPad will lose functionality as soon as the water gets inside. We can minimize the damage by providing you with quality repair services. Get your iPad Pro 10.5 water damage repair right away.

iPad Pro 10.5 battery replacement

A swollen or ruptured battery can be dangerous to you and your family and can be disastrous for your device. You should not let battery chemicals leak into your device. So, get your iPad Pro 10.5 battery replacement immediately.

iPad Pro 10.5 back glass replacement

The screen glass of a device should be repaired immediately. A sudden bump or use might damage the LCD underneath if the glass isn’t repaired promptly. Our experts are ready to replace the back glass on iPad Pro 10.5.

iPad Pro 10.5 charging port issues

If your iPad Pro fails to charge properly then there is no need to keep it on charging. With the help of our experts, we can fix iPad Pro 10.5 charging port issues.

iPad Pro 10.5 motherboard repairs

Professional tools, quality parts, and years of experience are required to successfully repair the iPad Pro 10.5. The iPad Pro 10.5 motherboard repair is challenging, even if it is not impossible. If you visit Mobile Campus, you can have your issue resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can the back of my iPad be replaced?

    If your iPad has accidentally dropped from your hand and the screen is broken, then our experts can repair it. The majority of technicians work for the broken front and back iPad screens. It takes about 30 minutes to repair the back glass.

  • Why is my iPad battery draining so fast?

    When the iPad gets a popup notification, the AOD lights up immediately. The battery of your IPad can drain quickly overnight if you receive many app notifications.