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Samsung Galaxy A50s Repair & Screen Replacement Sydney

Samsung Galaxy A50s

Has your Samsung Galaxy A50s screen or glass cracked? At Mobile Campus, we repair cracked screens and glass. We only make use of OEM, high-quality replacement parts to ensure your phone works as well as new. Our repair centers are located in Sydney, New South Wales.

Samsung Galaxy A50s Screen replacement

Samsung Galaxy A50s hit the market with a bang and left Samsung’s competitors behind. With its elegant design and excellent configuration, Samsung’s Galaxy A50s is a perfect example of its success. Samsung Galaxy A50s comes with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1080×2340 resolution protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Backside cameras consist of three individual lenses, while front cameras rotate.

It is clear that this phone is of high quality, but the screen tends to crack and break easily. So, let our technicians repair it for you.

3 Month Warranty

OLED Screen Replacement

Original Service Pack

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

1-2 Hours

3 Month Warranty

Back Glass Replacement

Estimated Cost:


Estimated Time

1-2 Hours

What Our Customers Say About Us

Deb Hamwood

Excellent, fast service. Reasonably priced and professional. Highly recommended.

Alexandra Jade

Fantastic service! I have been to this shop many times and every time the owner has gone above and beyond.

Mark Briffa

Fast and friendly. Put a screen protector on my brand new phone in seconds. I have had it done on other phones before. This guy was slick!


The help and service was incredible. I highly recommend it for any help with iPhone 12 housing and covers.

Jawad Arshad

Very good quality and cheap prices. Customer satisfaction is good. Mobile repair is cheap and with warranty as well.

Ornella D

Very happy customer! Fixed my kid’s iPhone 7 Plus screen swiftly. Good service


Most Common Samsung Repair Services

Samsung A50s screen repair:

We offer a wide range of smartphone repairs at our centers. No matter what problem you have with your phone, they can repair it. We can assist you with Samsung Galaxy A50s screen repair today.

Samsung A50s water damage repairs:

If your phone accidentally dropped into water, remove it from the liquid immediately or turn the phone off and visit our stores immediately. The technicians at our shop are all highly skilled and experienced. Get your Samsung A50s water damage repair now.

Samsung A50s battery replacement:

Replacing your phone battery used to be as easy as turning off your phone and then taking out the old battery. However, nowadays, technology has improved as batteries can not be removed at home easily. Instead, you need experts to repair the battery.? Mobile Campus is the answer to all your battery worries. We offer Samsung A50s battery replacement services.

Samsung A50s back glass replacement:

If your Samsung A50s Back Glass needs replacement? Come to us, and we will solve any problem related to mobile and fix your phone today. The Samsung A50s back glass replacement has now been made a lot easier with our experts.

Samsung A50s charging port issues:

Are you having trouble charging your device? Our experts are always ready to assist you regarding your Samsung A50s charging port issues.

Samsung A50s motherboard repair:

It is not strange if the motherboard of your phone stops working. Samsung A50s motherboard repairs are done quickly and with good quality at our stores.

Get a free quote from us and get our best quality services at very affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Samsung Galaxy A50s LCD/OLED is also damaged; will it cost more?

    Absolutely not. Mobile Campus always replaces the entire display assembly. The LCD and Glass come as one module. It is the best way to repair your Galaxy A50s.

  • Should I repair my Samsung Galaxy A50s screen or buy a new one?

    To buy a new phone, you'll need to spend more time and more money than the cost of repairs. It is more eco-friendly to repair your Samsung Galaxy A50s screen rather than buying a new phone. Over 200 million mobile phones are discarded every year, harming the environment.