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Common iPhone 12 Pro Max Issues and How to Diagnose Them

4 September, 2023
Rizwan Mughal

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is Apple’s flagship model from its 12 series, boasting an array of impressive features. However, like any tech product, it’s not exempt from occasional issues. Understanding and diagnosing these issues can save users time and potentially money. Here’s a rundown of common iPhone 12 Pro Max problems and how to spot them.

1. Connectivity Issues

Issue: Many users have reported problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks or maintaining a stable connection.


  • Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on and you’re within range of your network.
  • Check for any iOS updates, as Apple occasionally releases fixes for connectivity problems.
  • Reset your network settings by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. This will revert any network settings to their default and might solve the issue.

2. Green Tint on Display

Issue: Some users have noticed a slight green tint on their screens, particularly when the background is supposed to be black.


  • Check your screen at various brightness levels. The green tint is often more noticeable at lower brightness.
  • Ensure you’re using the latest iOS version. Apple is aware of the issue and has released updates aimed at fixing this.
  • If the issue persists, it may be a hardware problem, and visiting an Apple store might be the best course of action.

3. Rapid Battery Drain

Issue: Some users experience their iPhone 12 Pro Max losing battery power more rapidly than expected.


  • Go to Settings -> Battery to check which apps are consuming the most power.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh for apps that don’t need constant updating.
  • Optimize settings by reducing screen brightness, turning off dynamic backgrounds, or using Low Power Mode.

4. MagSafe Charging Issues

Issue: The iPhone 12 series introduced MagSafe charging, but some users have reported inconsistent or slow charging.


  • Ensure you’re using an Apple-certified MagSafe charger.
  • Check if there’s any debris or foreign objects on the back of the phone or on the MagSafe charger that might hinder the connection.
  • Make sure your iOS is updated, as some charging issues can be fixed through software updates.

5. App Crashes or Freezes

Issue: Apps unexpectedly crash or freeze during use.


  • Ensure the app is updated to its latest version.
  • Clear the app from memory by swiping it away from the recent apps list and then reopen it.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • If the issue persists, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

6. Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Issue: Difficulty connecting to or maintaining a connection with Bluetooth devices.


  • Make sure the device you’re trying to connect to is in pairing mode.
  • Go to Settings -> Bluetooth and forget the device. Then try to reconnect.
  • Reset your iPhone’s network settings.

7. Face ID Failures

Issue: Face ID doesn’t recognize the user’s face or takes too long.


  • Ensure nothing is covering the TrueDepth camera.
  • Check if there are significant changes in appearance like heavy makeup or facial coverings.
  • Re-setup Face ID by going to Settings -> Face ID & Passcode and selecting “Set up an Alternate Appearance.”

8. Unexpected Shutdowns or Restarts

Issue: The phone unexpectedly shuts down or restarts.


  • This could be due to a rogue app. Monitor if shutdowns happen when using a specific app.
  • Make sure your iPhone’s software is updated.
  • Check your iPhone’s storage. Insufficient storage can sometimes cause performance issues.
  • If the issue persists, a factory reset might be necessary. Remember to back up your data first.

9. Reduced Speaker Volume

Issue: The speaker volume seems lower than usual during calls or media playback.


  • Ensure there’s no debris or dirt blocking the speaker grills.
  • Check the volume settings during a call or media playback.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • If you’re still facing issues, it might be a hardware problem.

10. Overheating

Issue: The iPhone 12 Pro Max gets excessively warm during use or charging.


  • Avoid using your phone while it’s charging.
  • Keep it out of direct sunlight or excessively hot environments.
  • Check if a specific app is causing the heating by going to Settings -> Battery.
  • Make sure your software is updated.

11. Camera Issues

Issue: Users might encounter problems with the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera, such as blurry photos, black screen, or unexpected app crashes when accessing the camera.


  • Ensure the camera lens is clean and free from any obstructions or smudges.
  • Check if the issue persists with different camera modes or third-party camera apps.
  • Reset the camera settings: Go to Settings -> Camera -> Preserve Settings and toggle the switches.
  • If using the camera in extremely cold or hot conditions, wait for the phone to return to a normal temperature and try again.

12. Mail App Delays

Issue: Some users experience delays in receiving new emails or syncing issues with their accounts.


  • Check your internet connection. A stable connection is required for timely syncing.
  • Refresh your mail by pulling it down in the Mail app.
  • Remove the email account from your phone and then re-add it: Settings -> Mail -> Accounts.
  • Ensure background app refresh is enabled for the Mail app.

13. Missing 5G Connectivity

Issue: Despite being in a 5G-covered area, the iPhone 12 Pro Max might not connect to a 5G network.


  • Make sure your carrier plan supports 5G.
  • Go to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Voice & Data and select 5G.
  • Update your carrier settings if an update is available.

14. GPS Inaccuracies

Issue: The GPS doesn’t pinpoint the exact location, or there’s a delay in location updates.


  • Ensure you’re not in a location that hinders GPS signals, such as dense urban areas or deep indoors.
  • Check if the issue persists in different apps that use location services.
  • Reset location and privacy settings by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Location & Privacy.

15. Touchscreen Unresponsiveness

Issue: The iPhone’s touchscreen doesn’t respond or has areas that don’t register touch.


  • Ensure the screen is clean and free of any protective films that might interfere with touch sensitivity.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> 3D & Haptic Touch to adjust touch settings.
  • If only certain areas of the screen are unresponsive, it might indicate a hardware issue.

16. Call Drop or Poor Call Quality

Issue: During phone calls, users might experience dropped calls or poor audio quality, including static or echoing sounds.


  • Verify signal strength. A weak cellular signal can impact call quality.
  • Make sure the iPhone’s microphone and speaker grills are free from dirt or debris.
  • If using a phone case, ensure it doesn’t obstruct the microphone or speakers.
  • Turn off “Phone Noise Cancellation” from Settings -> Accessibility -> Audio/Visual.

17. Missing Notifications

Issue: Users might not receive notifications for certain apps, or there might be a delay.


  • Go to Settings -> Notifications and ensure notifications are enabled for the specific app.
  • Check the app’s internal settings; some apps have their own notification preferences.
  • Restart your iPhone to clear any temporary software glitches.

18. iMessage Activation Issues

Issue: iMessage doesn’t activate, or users can’t send/receive iMessages.


  • Ensure you’re connected to a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • Go to Settings -> Messages and toggle iMessage off and on.
  • Check if there are any pending iOS updates and install them.

19. Difficulty Pairing with MagSafe Accessories

Issue: The iPhone 12 Pro Max may not pair or align properly with MagSafe accessories, affecting charging or accessory functionality.


  • Ensure both the iPhone and the accessory are clean and free from obstructions.
  • Check for damage on the MagSafe connectors.
  • Always use Apple-certified MagSafe accessories for the best compatibility.

20. Siri Not Responding

Issue: Siri doesn’t activate when summoned, or there’s a delay in her responses.


  • Make sure Siri is enabled in Settings -> Siri & Search.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable; Siri requires an internet connection to function.
  • Restart your iPhone to resolve any minor software hiccups.
  • Train Siri again to recognize your voice by resetting Siri’s voice recognition.

Proactive Measures

Regular maintenance and software updates can prevent many of these common iPhone issues. Always:

  • Update Regularly: Apple frequently releases software updates that can fix bugs or improve performance. Regularly check for updates under Settings -> General -> Software Update.
  • Backup Frequently: Always backup your iPhone’s data to iCloud or a computer. This ensures that even if you face issues requiring a factory reset, your data remains safe.
  • Monitor App Behavior: Occasionally, third-party apps can be the root cause of phone issues. If problems start after installing a new app, consider it might be the culprit.

By being proactive and familiarizing yourself with common iPhone 12 Pro Max issues, you’re better equipped to swiftly handle any hiccups that come your way. Remember, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a complex piece of technology, and like any gadget, it can have its quirks. However, with a bit of knowledge and patience, most issues can be diagnosed and resolved with ease.