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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max detail Review

28 June, 2022
Faisal Qadeer

The Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has finally been unveiled, and the reviews are in! Critics are comparing it to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and other phones on the market, and many have decided that the latest iteration of the Apple phone takes the place when it comes to sound quality, camera quality, speed, and overall performance. Read on to find out what we know so far about this exciting piece of technology!

Design and Build

The iPhone 12 pro has a slim bezel display, a 5.8-inch screen and is made of stainless steel, glass and a nano-injection polymer that gives it a lightweight feel but offers enhanced durability. The iPhone also has an all-new haptic engine to enhance its design and display experience with multidimensional vibration feedback. It comes in space gray, silver and gold. The iPhone 12 pro features IP68 water resistance for up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes as well as dust resistance. It’s available in 64GB or 256GB storage options with 3GB RAM on board. It’s powered by Apple’s A12 Bionic chip that delivers faster performance over previous models while using less power than previous generations of iPhones.

Battery Life

If you use your smartphone mostly to browse websites, check email, and make calls—you can get away with a solid 5 hours of battery life. Anything more than that and a portable power bank is worth its weight in gold. Gone are the days of carrying a brick around; there are now enough external batteries to charge your phone two or three times over before they themselves need recharging. The downside? There are so many on Amazon that it’s hard to choose one! So, we recommend looking for the most trustable portable chargers for smartphones. You can also buy a solar charger if you don’t want to carry extra batteries. These will work only when there is light, but they’re perfect for emergency situations where you need to keep your phone charged up without access to an outlet.

Price Point

Apple’s phablet, dubbed Max for its 6.5-inch screen size, will cost $1,099 and be available in 64GB ($999) and 256GB ($1,149) versions. You can also order through online. The iPhone can be delivered in 44 countries including Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany and Japan as well as Apple’s online store in Brazil and Mexico.


There are a lot of impressive features that make up Apple’s latest mobile device, but perhaps none is more important than its high performance. The model houses an A12 Bionic chip that manages nearly zero lag time between the moment you request information and when it appears on-screen. With Face ID enabled, accessing your phone in a hurry requires nothing more than a glance—and with no home button to press, there are fewer moments when you’re forced to wait for your device to wake up and load. When compared to other phones on the market, it’s clear that Apple has put a significant amount of effort into optimizing their newest product for smoothness and speed.

5G Connectivity

The A12 Bionic chip, in addition to its capabilities for artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR), has an upgraded modem that can connect to 5G networks. This will make data transfers faster, which will be particularly useful for VR applications—and Apple is reportedly exploring a VR headset.

High-End Cameras & Video

The iPhone camera has never been better. Apple’s dual-lens camera on its current flagship phones is capable of taking excellent photos, with sharp images in low light as well as a cinematic bokeh effect for portraits. But what about video? For that, you need to turn to third-party apps like Filmic Pro or Filmic Pro. Filmic uses software to mimic features found on professional cameras, while Filmic allows you to record 4K video at 60 frames per second and use other advanced features like manual focus and zebra stripes (which help you adjust exposure). Both are $10 each and worth every penny if you want your videos to look their best.


A fantastic high-tech smartphone is the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple prioritized the screen, performance with the A14 Bionic chip, and high-quality photographs with the three lenses and LIDAR technology while designing the larger iPhone.

All these amazing features come with a higher price, It’s a higher price for a smartphone. However, you can always iPhone trade in for value to pay part of the funds for a new iPhone, visit your nearby store now. If you are already an apple user and want your old devices repaired,looking for the most-trustable shop in Sydney?

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