Chester Hill Phone Repair Shop

The Mobile campus is a leading company in New South Wales, provides mobile repairing services and spare part replacement services. In New South Wales, four shops are running currently. If your mobile phone is not working correctly or has damage? You can search for our nearest shop for reliable, quality service.

Why should you consider us?

Many service providers are running in New South Wales, but everything that is accessible can’t be reliable.

We aim to deliver the best and reliable services to our customers. We always try to provide customer service that meets customer needs and wishes. To ensure customer services, we have skillful, trained staff, having years of experience. Beyond the business, our team members are very polite and well mannered. They always try to maintain a courteous and friendly environment at the shop towards customers. We deliver reliable services on time on the same day. We take almost half an hour to repair a smartphone or a device. Our prices are reasonable and competitive. We grant a warranty for three-months for replacement services.

Our Services:

Chester Hill Phone Repair Shop gives repair services for all kinds of mobile phones and digital devices or gadgets. Service like;

Glass and LCD screen replacement, Touch screen issues, Keyboard Problem, RAM / Hard disk repair, Front camera repair, Back camera repair, Camera Lenz, Tempered glass & Plastic screen protectors, Motherboard problems, Software issues, Data recovery, Charging port repair, Battery replacement, Speaker repair, Home button repair, Volume buttons repair & replacement, Sound problem, etc.

We also have a business in mobile, tablet, and other accessories include Mobile cases, Screen protectors, Car holders, Batteries, Chargers, Wireless chargers, Adapters, AirPod, Speakers, Handsfree, Headphones, Earphones, Bluetooth earphones, etc.

You can visit us to make a deal for new and used mobile and tablet devices. We sell and purchase old devices. Mostly, people ask for used gadgets based on their need; some business purpose asks for mobile phones and tablets having large storage. Game lovers ask for a device with a large screen display and long battery life.

Most Common mobile screen problem:

We all are habitual of keeping the smartphone in our hands, pocket, or bags. There is a clear chance of dropping a mobile phone from your hand or being slipped while taking out from the pocket or a bag. That results in a screen crack or shatter. Sometimes, a drop may damage the glass, digitizer, and LCD all. Mobile gets power off and displays nothing.  Mobile Campus delivers the best screen replacement services in Chester Hill at a reasonable price and three months warranty.

Warranty VS Insurance:

A warranty is a promise between a service provider and a client related to the service beneficiary. Service providers give compensation if the replacement product is not performing like promised and a warranty response for a limited time or limited failure.

While insurance is an agreement between two parties, the client pays a premium annually or monthly. The insurance covers accidental loss or damage e.g, screen damage.

Service Locations:

  • Engadine
  • Earlwood
  • Windsor
  • Chester Hill