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iPhone 6 Screen Repair

iPhone 6 Screen Repair

As a leading Smartphone repair Service Provider in New South Wales, Mobile Campus knows the things that are worth for a customer. Money, quality and timely services are the basic things that a customer demands. Most of the repairing market is clouded with unprofessional technicians. Our technicians have years of experience in mobile repairing services. iPhone 6 Screen Replacement should be done as soon as possible, shattered or crashed screens can harm your finger while touching the broken glass screen.

If the screen is damaged completely, the inner components of the mobile can be misplaced. Moreover, the crashed screen looks very annoying and irritating. Their expertise ensures that your device will return you in perfect condition. And we are able to claim positive feedback from you.

How do you replace the iPhone 6 Screen?

Screen repairing and screen replacement is an immensely significant task. Skills and awareness enable you to work proficiently. Do not give your phone to an unprofessional person to replace your mobile phone screen. Your mobile phone could be ruined permanently. Here we are describing some steps regarding iPhone 6 screen replacement.

1.    Before disassembly, test all the functionalities of your phone, are they working perfectly?

2.    Power off your mobile phone.

3.    Segregate flex cables and remove the screen.

4.    Detach top flex cables and other assembled components.

5.    Separate out the Home Button.

6.    Assemble new parts with metal plates.

7. After full assembling, test all the functionalities and assure that they are working.

8. Do not forget to install a screen protector, it will surely prevent damage in future.

Why should you choose us?

  • Best Prices:

Our observation and experience tells us the customer attraction towards low prices. We are charging reasonable prices as compared to our competitors. IPhon 6 Screen replacement cost is starting from $65. We do not challenge the customer’s affordability.

  • Expert Staff:

Quick quality service is only possible due to our highly professional and skilled staff. Their experience and communication skills make them differentiable. Our shops are equipped with the latest devices and service tool kits. We provide repair services and also deal with new smartphones and their accessories.

  • No fix, No charge:

We do not charge if your mobile phone does not suffer any issue. We follow the rule: no fix, no pay. On the other hand, if we do not fix your mobile issue, we will not charge in that case too. It does not happen till now, our technicians are highly trained and have long time experiences. But we are informing you about our “no fix, no pay” rule.

  • Quick Quality Service:

We offer on the spot repair services, you can visit your nearest coffee shop while our experts are working on your IPhone 6 screen replacement. We offer quick and quality service.

  • High quality replacement parts:

We deal with the accessories too. Our mobile accessories and replacement parts like screen digitizers, batteries, chargers, camera lenses, protectors and others are of highly recommended parts. We do not sell low quality products. Our customers are highly honored for us.

Why should you choose us over other competitors?

Be aware of cheaters and don’t be a part of the scam. We are informing you that LCD and glass screens come in a single module. Service providers do not have to purchase them separately. So do not pay extra for LCD damage.

We deal with all kinds of mobile brands. We are not brand specific. We do repairing service for all mobile issues including; battery issues, screens, LCD, cameras, software issues, and more others.

You can visit us at our shops in New South Wales for iPhone 6 screen replacement. We provide quality service in a contracted time. We are highly concerned about our customers. We provide quality service and earn positive feedback.

What payment methods does Mobile Campus accept?

Mobile Campus allows the payments through:

  • Cash
  • Master Card
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Visa Card
  • PayPal
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